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How to order

How to place an order with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a secure payment method when, in addition, you can remain anonymous. Some people think it’s a difficult thing to buy or set up but in fact, there are plenty of resources with step-by-step guidance on how to get it and once it’s done – you don’t need to do it again. For our example, we will use a Coinomi wallet. The alternative resource explaining how to buy cryptocurrencies based on the bitcoin example – Bitcoin made easy.

Other great places to buy cryptocurrencies are listed below:

  • – secure way to buy cryptocurrencies from many exchangers using many payment methods
  • – Bitcoin
  • – no identification, no verification required. P2P Service – Monero

In the box::

To pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin :

  • Select the cryptocurrency payment option and the currency you wish to pay in.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click “Place order“. This will take you to the payment page
  • On the payment page you will need to scan the QR with your wallet app to automatically fill in the payment details. You can also copy and paste the payment amount and the destination wallet address into the appropriate fields. Please make sure that the destination wallet address is correct and matches the one provided on the payment page: if sent to an incorrect wallet, it is impossible to reverse the transaction and retrieve the funds.
  • Please make sure to complete the transaction within 1 hour otherwise your order will be canceled. If you have paid later time times have expired – please contact us form/telegram to resolve it.
  • IMPORTANT !!!! please send the correct amount to the wallet provided (the amount does not include transaction fees to be paid by the customer). We have no control over it and they depend on how busy the blockchain is. If you wish to pay smaller transaction fees – please pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin.
  • Once the payment is completed, you don’t need to do anything else on your side. Our software will automatically detect the transaction on the blockchain and confirm the order

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