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The AK 1995 strain, commonly known as AK-95, is a hybrid with a Sativa-leaning that is well-liked for its earthy flavor and balanced effects. The AK 95 strain isn’t one you’ll find at every dispensary because it’s considered to be a relatively recent addition to the world of cannabis growing. But as more medical marijuana patients and cannabis aficionados learn about AK-1995, demand is growing. As a result, don’t be shocked if you start hearing even more buzz about this high-THC strain.

AK 1995 Strain Origins

The best landrace cannabis strains from Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, and Afghanistan have been combined to create AK-1995, which delivers a fresh perspective on the traditional high that comes from an old-school cannabis strain. In the opinion of AK-95 enthusiasts, its cultivators were tremendously effective in creating a novel blend of high-energy effects and next-level relaxation.

AK-1995 Taste, Smell, and Appearance

The flavor and scent of AK-95 are mostly earthy, with a hint of skunkiness that permeates both. There have been reports of distinct black licorice (anise) overtones, which further enhances the overall impression.

Like any exceptional strain, AK-1995 makes a first impression with its aroma. First-time users are frequently drawn in by the potent fragrance, which gives them hope for a strain that won’t let them down. Lemon and pine flavor characteristics of AK 1995 are frequently mentioned, along with notes of sweetness, spice, and fruit. Because of its multidimensional flavors, AK-95 is a strain that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

AK 1995 Strain Effects

The adaptable effects of AK-1995 are possibly its most distinctive feature, guaranteeing widespread acceptance for this combination. Given that some estimates place AK-95’s THC content between 15 and 20 percent, it stands to reason that both recreational and MMJ users adore this strain.

Initial AK-95 effects frequently manifest as a joyful rush of energy and elation. While some claim to be inspired to start creative projects, others are content to sit back and relax while feeling good by themselves or with others. This surge of energy is swiftly followed by a deeply calming peace that permeates the entire body and psyche. Some users of AK-95 also experience a mild increase in hunger. For more information, please contact us.

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