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Double zero hash

Zero Zero is the name of the only lightly pressed resin from the first careful sorting. Only THC crystals are visible and almost no visible part of the plant. Zero Zero hashish is no longer the best hashish in Morocco, but it has a first-class reputation among smokers. In Europe, however, you can mostly buy Zero Zero, which comes from the (still good) second sifting.

Zero Zero has only a very subtle smell of its own and is not as fragrant as most pollens, which is why I prefer it. The high is also special, as the drug is very stimulating and doesn’t tire you out, even when it wears off. This is for a very small amount of CBD. Visit our FAQ page for more information about our services. double zero cbd, zero hash, double zero, buy hash, double 0. double zero hash, zero hash, hash double zero, triple zero hash, zero zero hash.

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