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In the heart of the American South, a strain lurks in the hot, humid mountains. Originating in Arkansas, Hillbilly Cubensis is a highly potent member of the Cubensis family of mushrooms. It is comparable to other members of this family, such as Golden Teachers and Amazonians. This variety can now be found in natural growth on five other continents. Hillbillys have the typical appearance of Cubensis, their hats are smaller and shallower, with a bright orange colouration all over. The diameter of the foot of the Hillbilly is slightly smaller than the diameter of the cap, thicker at the top of the foot near the cap and tapering towards the base of the mushroom.

This mushroom is ideal for beginners and intermediate growers.


People who eat Hillbilly mushrooms experience intense euphoria and visual effects. Like all psilocybin mushrooms, Hillbilly Cubensis can take the user on a powerful psychedelic journey. These trips usually begin within 30-60 minutes with fairly mild yawns that are often followed by big smiles and laughter. The peak effects occur within an hour and can last up to six hours longer. Some users may experience changes in time perception as well as visual hallucinations.

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